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When it comes to finding a reliable translation company for your project, there is only one company to trust. All language service providers give attractive promises to their clients; we are one of the few that actually keep them. Our promise is as simple as this: you will get your documents professionally translated, by the deadline you set, and at the price we quoted.

To provide you with a quality translation, we control every step of the translation process from the moment you communicate your requirements until delivery. We review each project in terms of style, terminology consistency, accuracy and format. With such quality control, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

What We Do
Best Quality

Our mission is to provide you with top class translation services and that is what we deliver every time. Whether you order a short personal letter or a large website localization translation project, you get the same first-rate service.

Foremost Services

We offer personalized translation solutions for every client, with the major emphasis on bridging language gaps and promoting understanding between nations. After each project is completed we ask our clients for feedback to rate our performance.

Preferred Price

With information technology, TEYI has improved the efficiency of translation resources, and reduced translation and operation cost, which make it possible to provide high quality translation services at lowest price. In TEYI, we will remove language barriers and reduce the translation cost for you.

More Guaranties

Our quality standards have been approved by a number of industry bodies that ensure the compliance of the services with the established requirements. Our company follows high ethical principles and best business practices.

How We Do

Careful and strict examination has been conducted before employing any translator. They not only have profound knowledge within their professional fields, but also have a good command of native and foreign languages. Due to their extensive experience accumulated in international working environment, they have become senior translators within their own professional fields. Furthermore, strict tests are conducted to examine their language skills, professional knowledge and professional ethics before employing any translator. Only the candidates passing our tests may obtain the qualifications of translation.

We will conduct regular evaluation on the performance of translators, solve the problems in translation with collective intelligence, and take further measures for improvement. On the principles of keeping faith, keeping time and keeping secret, we are devoted to provide customers with high-quality, high-speed translation services. Our projects are performed by highly skilled translators and interpreters working into their own native language in a subject that they have studied.

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