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What's Certified Translation


A certified translation means that the translator or the language service provider (LSP) has issued a signed statement declaring that the translation that has been done is an accurate and true representation of the original document. TEYI is a professional language provider, and can provide certified translation, which is widely accepted and recognized. 

Common Uses of Certified Translation

A certified translation provides a legal record. It is the reason why government and legal bodies always require the submission of certified translations.

  • Clients may need certified translations for many reasons. Procedures with government entities (e.g. applying for a visa, obtaining a driver's license, claiming public benefits) often require certified translations.

  • Similarly, legal proceedings, both civil (e.g. adoption, divorce) and criminal, may demand certified translations. Immigration is one of the major areas where certified translation is necessary. If you are applying for a temporary visa or residency in a foreign country such as the United States, the country requires that all your personal documents must be submitted in the official language of the country. In case of the U.S., you need your documents translated into English and all of them must be certified.

  • Educational institutions also require foreign candidates to submit certified translations of application documents (e.g. diplomas, transcripts.) Foreign students who want to further their education by applying to colleges and universities in the United States also need to submit a certified translation of their transcripts and diplomas. There are also schools that require submission of the original transcript of records along with the certified translation.

  • Other uses. Legal documents required for court cases that are not written in English. Certificates needed for official use, such as birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates. Criminal record checks needed for recruitment and HR purposes and visa applications. Regulatory documents such as informed consents, research data forms, protocols and case reports Patents.

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